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About Everlasting Glove

       As a lifelong baseball enthusiast I have enjoyed watching, playing, coaching and volunteering baseball. The uniqueness of baseball and its history, athleticism and strategy makes it a great game.My 'love for the glove' came early on in my T-ball years. As a seven year old my glove was something that only I used and I didn't have to share it with my brother. It was with this glove that I could make a good play and be happy with my (our) performance and it always kept me safe from a line drive.
      Everyone has probably tried a quick fix on a glove. Grab some lace from one side of the web, pull some lace out, skip a couple of holes and tie a granny knot, Voila! Done! Go play. But you knew it wasn't right and you would need a real fix later. My first remove and relace was on my son's glove when he was in T-ball. The rolled top of the web came apart in the middle and needed a replacement.
     As a tradesman with thoughts that I could fix anything, I purchased the lace and tool from the sports store. After taking the lace out and memorizing its path along the way, I managed to return my son's glove to full use. I learned some things immediately on that first relace. The lace is dry and has a good side and a bad side. That tool actually folds the lace in half (doubling its size) and damages the hole it is supposed to go through. There has to be a better way, I thought. I set out to do that.
      Over the next few years there would be a parent on one of my son's or daughter's team that would ask if I knew of anyone who could fix a glove. I would look at it, assess the damage, and say, "I'll take care of it" and return it the next game. Once returned to the happy player (and happier parent) I knew that their 'love for the glove' was inside them, too. So began my hobby for repairing, relacing and stitching baseball and softball gloves. Over the years I have amassed a wide variety of tools, techniques and knowledge to tackle most repairs. I look forward to repairing your glove and returning you both to the great game of baseball.
My hobby services are performed in my pet-free, smoke-free home located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.


Glove Maintenance Tips

Glove Maintenance Tips

     Keeping your your glove clean and dry is the best way to prolong its life. Water and sweat are the enemy as the continual wet and drying cycle eats away at the leather, stitching and laces. Keep a towel in your baseball bag to dry your glove between innings of those rainy or damp field condition games.
     To catch a ball in your glove it, not surpisingly, needs to be open. So why would we ever want to let our gloves get permanently closed? Try this test. Place your glove, with fingers down and thumb up, on a flat surface. Now take a ball and roll it along the table and into the glove so the ball settles in the pocket. Could you do it or is the glove closed?  What should you do? When not on your hand always...ALWAYS...have a ball or two in your glove. Or perhaps a knotted up hand towel will work, too. Whether it is in your bag or on the bench keeping a ball in it will preserve its natural shape....which is always open.


About Mike

      Now some stuff about me. I am the husband to my lovely and talented wife and the father of a daughter and a son. I am a retired automotive industry electrician and avid tenpin bowler.
       This hobby that I embarked on prior to retirement is strictly that, a hobby. I'm not out to be the best, conquer the glove world or steal competition. I take on glove projects of all kinds in hopes of making that ball player or parent excited about the game. My prices are more than competitive and often end up doing more than prescribed on a glove. It's just that I'd like it to turn out like I would want it. 
       If you contact me regarding my services I will contact you promptly and give you honest answers regarding your glove or my services.


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