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Services and Pricing

     Your glove is important to you. It allows you to excel on the field and it's attached to you more ways than one. I feel the same way and don't want you to miss a game or a practice. So I will make every effort to return your completed glove as soon as possible so you're ready to use it again.


Prior to servicing your glove together we will perform a thorough inspection of all aspects of the glove.

Some things I look at are:

  • The Lace. Are they broken or missing? Are they thinner than they were from the factory? Are the knots loose, untied or incorrect?

  • The Leather. Is it torn or ripped? Are the holes that the lace goes through getting larger? Are the holes nearby one another getting larger and close to joining together?

  • Is the machine sewing of the thread intact and not broken?

  • Is the lining (where your hand goes) cracking, cracked or has holes?

These are all items that need attention to preserve the longevity of your glove and your safety.

Clean, Tighten and Condition

"Touch Up" - $8

     Your glove is looking and feeling worn and tired and it needs a TOUCH UP. This service begins with a gentle hand brushing to remove any pieces of large debris like sand, clay, grass and dirt.

     Next compressed air is used to take out any dust from the lacing holes and stitching and to remove those annoying pebbles from the finger stalls. Then all the knots are untied in preparation for cleaning. The glove is then meticulously cleaned, inside and out, with pH neutral leather cleaners with a variety of microfibre cloths, soft brushes and sponges.

     After a room temperature drying cycle the light application of pH neutral leather conditioner replaces the natural lubricants that the leather fibers need. Next, based on the glove's need or the customers request, there is a general tightening of all the glove laces. All knots are then retied using industry standard square knots.

     Finally, a leather glove conditioning paste is hand friction brushed into the glove sealing in the lubricants and returning a natural lustre to all the glove exterior leather. This "TOUCH UP" service is great for a mid-season refresh and an absolute must before end of season storage to protect and preserve your glove.

These are some of the groups who use my services

Windsor South Little League
Tecumseh Thunder Baseball club
University of Windsor Mens Baseball
St. Clair College Mens Baseball
Belle River Minor Baseball

Please support these other local businesses

Back-Yard Bat company

Lace Replacement


"Single" - $10 for first lace

"Double Switch" - $7 for second additional lace

"Triple Play" - $7 for third additional lace

Some laces that are in locations on your glove are naturally subjected to normal wear and tear. No glove is immune to the work that you put it through. Sometimes a lace gets too loose and breaks. A full removal and replacement of the broken or deteriorated lace is all that is needed. I use only top quality Rawlings leather baseball glove lace. The lace is a full strength 3/16" wide and matches or exceeds your original lace in quality and function. Some catcher's or first baseman's mitts require 1/4 inch lace and/or 72 inches long lace and may need to be special ordered incurring a small cost adjustment. FREE with any lace replacement is a full cleaning and conditioning.

Full Lace Replacement, Clean and Condition



"The Cycle" $50

This is the best package and you will be amazed at the look and feel of your glove. Every lace of the glove is removed. A full hand cleaning of every inch of leather, inside and out, with pH neutral cleansers removes all the dirt, mud, grime and sweat residue. The wrist sweat band also gets a shampoo, dry and trim. After a 24 hour drying period a pH neutral conditioner is applied to all parts of the glove returning the softness and durability to the leather. A second application of conditioner is sometimes applied to those gloves in dire need. After the conditioner has set up, usually about 12 hours, every lace in the glove is replaced using the factory routing. All knots are tied with self locking square knots and designed to stay tight and to lie flat. "THE CYCLE" package returns that long forgotten glove back to everyday use or to a special place to admire on a desk, shelf or mantle.

Special Orders or Repairs - Varied Pricing

Lace is always available in tan, black and chocolate brown. Also available for custom designs are silver/grey, yellow, purple, navy blue, royal blue, red, white, orange, maroon and pink.
These colours are often in stock but contact me to ensure I can to meet your needs.

Gloves sometimes require more that just lace and cleaning. There might be tears or rips in the leather. Or some of the sewing or stitching has broken. I own three sewing machines and that allow me to handle most leather repairs. I also own the tools and have the techniques to do any hand sewing if the situation is needed.

I also have in stock tan and black, right and left handed, thumb and pinky loops for those loops that have broken, deteriorated or cracked.

Pricing of these items vary depending on how severe or if included in "THE CYCLE" package.


The reach of our services provided are not only local but have spread to provincial, national and international glove owners. It would be impossible to for us to accurately quote the most cost effective shipping costs. Therefore, the cost of shipping gloves to us and the cost of shipping the completed glove back to the owner will be the sole responsibility of the glove owner. The glove owner would only pay the exact amount charged by the shipping company that we use and no extra handling fees or costs for things like boxes, labels, bags, tape, or us taking it to the delivery depot.

Is Your Sports Store Open?

You just finished a night game and your glove needs repair and you've got a game tomorrow. It's a holiday or after hours and your sports store is closed and you need your glove fixed. What should you do? Contact me for fast and quality service. I'll get you back in the game.

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